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    Promotional web-site for the "Led Lemon" nightclub.
Promotional web-site for nightclub

This project was quite interesting, because this was our first attempt in integration of 3d-rendered video with flash, and static web-pages subsequently

Production went throught three phases. At first, there was an idea of Ice and Lemon superimposition, which lead us to visualisation of a turntable, covered with a lemon skin with an ice underneath. Then we decided to switch that concept upside-down and so came ice-over-lemon thing. Both of them looked nice, so we decided to puth both in final production.

Second phase took a longer time, because we needed to create an intro video. So, we took Realflow, Cinema4D and made an animation of liquid pouring into martini glass. Realflow was actually a pain, because of really slow process of physic rendering, even on the 8-core Mac Pro.

Third phase consisted of final composition and production. Intro video was composed in Apple motion, and then transformed into Flash.

However, the client happened to be quite problematic in terms of payment. The project was finished by New Year's eve (actually there was a hurry because of that), but we didn't received any payment for our job yet. It's a pity, but this site is still not available on the net.

Intro video
will be here soon, Vimeo is damn slow today.
Intro page concepts
Close-ups of artwork
Lemon-over-ice page
Ice-over-lemon page
Bunch of internal pages