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    Final Year Project
Romping around and what did you see?
The bond that links your true family isnot one of blood, but of respect and joy in each other's life.
-Richard Bach

Bringing people close together forming a connection is not something that can be done with a blink of an eye. However maintaining that bond is not easy. Thus I uses the most common play area like the playground to create an interactive and safe structure consisting of fitness and adventurous supposes that allows bondings. These structure two or more people being involved in the playing process. Now children can learn more about team working and communication with others in a fun and healthy way.

I uses illusion as the main concept allowing them to developtheir imagination and communication skills.
This is possible because as you ages, as we grew our thinking and imagination changes. 
We see things in a different perspective. With these differences I hope to create a sharing session.

 Testing Models
Actual Model
Presentation Board