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    Logo-icon for search service
The Internet features a multitude of search engines, for instance, http://iconfinder.net, which gets you icons matching your query. It happened that we have been approached by the project's creator Martin Leblanc, who requested a logo. Turbomilkers were extremely pleased by this range of events and zealously went straight to work.
As a rule, search engines have a simplistic and even minimalistic design, which makes a logo pretty mush the first and the foremost graphic object. We decided that it would make more sense to make a logo as an icon. But what metaphor to choose? How do we show an icon search? So we started sketching.
A bloodhound, a sheriff folder with a magnifying glass and an anteater (since icons are as small as ants) all competed for being the logo's metaphor. Sounds crazy!? But we went even further!
A series of sketches with magnifying glasses. First comes a magnifying glass " the symbol of search. Icons are rather small as a rule, and magnification obviously comes in very handy. “This is it!” " we thought. But again we kept digging.
Robots are what we need when we are talking about search and cooler logos. Thus, the metaphor covers three attributes of an icon search engine: a magnifying glass for search and a symbol of minuteness of icons, and a robot as a symbol of arrangement. We showed the icons to the client and Martin responded: “You know, guys, we like the robot idea very much also.” So what we had to do is to color the robot and add textures.
The picture became rather disturbing: as though an orange square with hands and legs (an icon) had been hiding for a long time and a giant robot has finally found it! Note the level of detail of the robot " it's a pity that a lower resolution does not show all the gears and bolts.
Later we added the project's name in a stylish but simple font. Everyone was happy!