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    Promo materials and audio editing/production for Different Skies 2007 festival and CD.
The Different Skies 2007 project involved several stages: first, promotional materials were needed - specifically, posters; second, audio editing of the performances at the festival (both from rehearsals and the concert itself); and  finally, graphics for the CD of the music from the concert.

The unifying graphic is a public-domain NASA solar image; the poster design was derived from one of the "band poster" templates in Pages '07. CD graphics were done in SmileOnMyMacs's DiscLabel, and audio editing was in Audacity.
"That's Exactly The Point"

This track was edited together from four different takes, all at slightly differing tempos. Audacity's tempo-adjustment features were used to achieve the same tempo for each of the sections, and the resulting pieces were carefully spliced together to create a single, unified track.
CD cover
Disc surface graphic