Personal web page (concept)
student work

 A school project where we had to create a concept and draft for our personal web page. I imagined my web page as an interactive page where you can choose between a number of themes (moods) and it would also be animated as you can see. The idea behind the concept is getting into somebodies head and play with his mind, in this case mine.
Hope you like it.
chose a theme
zoom-in as the pages is loading
as you hover over a head the name of the section appears
also when you hover over it the hand starts stalking
when you click on it the animation begins
portfolio menu
example of how a project would be viewed
pretty much the same repeats with the other sections
as you hover over "contacts" another stalking hand comes to the scene
the animation begins
contacts menu

then you hover over "about me"  the mouth starts to open
the "ink" drops as you scroll