sleeping bag concepts
The goal of this project was to design a fresh exterior for Marmot’s Trestles and 600-fill sleeping bag lines. Designed for sustainable manufacturing, these bags support Marmot’s brand identity and their environmentally conscious consumers. 
I began seeking inspiration from a variety of other outdoor-active products; both those of Marmot and their competitors. Although building the aesthetic was a main concern here, other factors such as production feasibility and pure functional performance were equally as important in guiding the design. 
With two directions decided on, I began translating those forms into vector format. I was able to generate more consistent, structured layouts which became a crucial step towards the final designs. Shown here is the 600-fill down bag design, inspired by king tut's iconic pharaoh mask.
For the economic, synthetic-insulated Trestles bag, I designed many of the fabric cuts with mirrored or rotated symmetry. This allows multiple panels to be produced simultaneously with a single cut. This allows faster cycle time and drastically reduces material-waste for this high-run product.
The entire line is based on the same cut/sew construction with different color fabrics used to distinguish each model’s temperature rating; 0F orange, 15F blue, 30F green
The final Trestles design modeled and rendered in 3D