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    An article I wrote about Pat Perry, and a collection of his outstanding art works.
Excerpt from article....

“Dear Sir, I am not blind to the worth of the wonderful gift of Leaves of Grass. I find it the most extraordinary piece of wit and wisdom… I am very happy in reading it, as great power makes us happy…I give you joy of your free and brave thought. I have great joy in it. I find incomparable things said incomparably well, as they must be. I find the courage of treatment which so delights us, and which large perception only can inspire. I greet you at the beginning of a great career, which yet must have had a long foreground somewhere, for such a start. I rubbed my eyes a little, to see if this sunbeam were no illusion; but the solid sense of the book is a sober certainty. It has the best merits, namely, of fortifying and encouraging.”
These excerpts from a letter, sent from prominent American intellectual Ralph Waldo Emerson to Walt Whitman after the publication of his now fabled poetry book ‘Leaves of Grass’ in 1855, may seem like a dramatic way to start an article about a visual artist, but the quality of Pat Perry’s work, and the appropriateness of the apt phrases allows the sincere sentiments to all ring clear and true: “free and brave thought…large perception…the start of a great career” and perhaps most fittingly, the words: “fortifying and encouraging” – because this is exactly what Pat Perry’s work is, encouraging. It encourages people to live, to break free of routine, to submit to serendipity, to breathe fresh air, to not only look…but to see, to ride motorcycles at 100mph, to take risks, to make friends, have fun and go on adventures, to follow their own path, to immerse themselves in unabashed expression and to refine our gifts and talents in a playful, positive way, with unapologetic enthusiasm and unadulterated ambition.

As you pass through Pat Perry’s vast and varied collection of creation, his elevated sense of aesthetic, his penchant for hyper-surreal imagery and his powerful imagination becomes quickly and steadily apparent. Some artists confronted with such profound ability spiral into whirlpools of reckless, self-destructive abandon, as they toil with their talents in a melancholic maze searching for meaning; Pat Perry does the complete opposite to this, and channels his expertise and harnesses his energy into a vivacious life-style dedicated to liberating experiences and reflective self-expression.

His photographic portfolio looks as if Kerouac’s On the Road and Robert M. Pirsig’s Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance had a love child who rebelled against his parents’ overbearing literary influence and grew up to be a photographer. His blog boasts a collection of photographs which most dedicated documentary photographers would be proud to call their own. His photographs are made all the more impressive by the facts that he shoots on 35mm film cameras, doesn’t really consider himself much of a photographer, and most importantly, his work with a camera is only a precursor  to his truly outstanding work as an illustrator and painter.....

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