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    We renewed a dated, niche brand and extended a "diet" into a healthy and approachable lifestyle.
Hallelujah Diet  |  Even Brands Can Become Healthier
The Hallelujah Diet is an intensive, plant-based diet created for people seeking a way to improve their health through clean food choices, juices and supplements. Willoughby worked with the leadership team to reach a wider consumer base and turn a "diet" into a more compelling lifestyle story focused on the healthful benefits of fruits and veggies.
Originally named Hallelujah Acres, a nod to its founder's religion-based eating philosophy, the move to a more mainstream brand necessitated an updated name and identity. Hallelujah Diet became the new name upon which we built a fresh and tasty new brand.  
The tagline, “Fall in Love with Food Again,” addresses negative misconceptions associated with a vegan diet and turns them around into a new and positive relationship with food. 
Hallelujah Diet's recipes, juices and supplements create an enjoyable and perhaps even transformational experience for those whose reactions to certain foods or chronic health issues have made eating less pleasurable and fun.
Vibrant greens, yellows and browns are blended into the identity visuals to echo the colors of nature with pops of other bright hues taken from the fruits and vegetables that are the diet’s clean food foundation. 
A new responsive e-commerce website is now much more inviting and informative with the option of downloading dozens of recipes, infographics and eating guides. 
The Hallelujah Diet could be adopted in several ways from simply adding juices and supplements into an existing diet all the way to a completely plant-based eating regime. To take the mystery out of each choice and enhance the experience, we created friendly and approachable eating plans and product recommendations to guide anyone along on their new food journey.