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    A few recent works of poetry..
LyricsAfter 18+ years of writing I have well over 1000 poems.  I'm not sure what they're for, only that I have to write them.  With a wild cut trail through the wilderness of art, many bands were left by the wayside never accepting my work for an actual song, and I keep walkin' on.  I'm still looking for a band of musicians, despite knowing better, the dream never dies.

© 1997-20011 Hiraether, Julian Gorman

Breaking the @#(^!ng Box
~ a prologue ~

What would we all do if the laws of physics changed?  It could be gradual, but who is to say how the laws of the Universe evolve?  Punctuated evolution seems to indicate mutation from multiple possible sources could drastically change or even complete destroy all Earth.  One of the major differences between the western scientific approach and eastern science (notably cultures with ancient languages that still function) is how certain mythos surpassed the knowledge of the dominator cultures and was never deemed “metaphysical” airy-fairy nonsense.  The most important indicators of changes in science are different values each culture understands to be more important.  A huge advantage the Japanese have , for example, is a great respect for lunar, elemental, and taking data on repeated control experiments over time to record the flux in difference.  

To Break out of the Box understand your mind can be changed however you wish.  Be what you truly want to be and don’t compromise, practice and take all the advice you can, but never stop looking for opportunities.  Many will try to tell you how to be.  To a certain extent one must follow the rules, the laws; however this does not mean one can’t make the most out of what is allowed.

Dream as often as possible.  The world is desperately in need of good ideas.  Don’t think about money or fame as goals, as they are much to quick once found.  Think of dreams that help those whom you care about and meet your personal goals.  By combining the two, private and public, ultimately one gains more over time, if not all at once.

Breath deeply in good posture, inhale and exhale when you imagine.

Dreams of Unending Love

Defeat without death,
Slipping without The Fall,
Retreat to success.
Ripping without tearing,
Confined but not dead,
Repressed without the chains,
Refined but not led,
Regressed without the blame.

We were born in the midst of a million year old war
It’s not our fault, but if we don’t fight the others surely will        Dreams of unending Love
They’ve all been jaded by a billion tears bullets shot to the core          Don’t let it fade ya’
It’s not gonna save us
Just keep creating, and living, and hoping and building it all        Dreams of unending Love

Deceit with honest words
Tripping up tongues of the impure
Elite but modest herds
Tipping the scales with a cure
Hades bound to Olympus on earth
Blurring the lines of good and evil
Raids ‘round the resource rich; purged
Stirring the mines riches on canvas & easel
Material oppression made fine cultural and civil

We were born in the midst of a million year old war
It’s not our fault, but if we don’t fight, how many will they kill?     Dreams of unending nuthin'
They’ve all been jaded by a billion tears bullets shot to the core          Don’t let it fade ya’
It’s not gonna save us
Just keep reading, and helping‘, and coping and fielding it all        Dreams of unending Love

There is nothing’ else for it
There’s so many displaced wealthy oppressed in need of new outlets
Not within earshot of the suffering and pain
And our job is to bring that truth to them in the kindest way
So that we may rebalance nature
For the sake of building the greatest works of humanity
And having enough consistent resources to support us all in health and happiness
But we ourselves cannot seek happiness until such a thing is possible.

Wall Taller
Wallhalla avenue.
Waterfall agnus dei
Day in the land of the free.Say, “in the hand with the key.”
To the impotent generals Constituent meddler sorcery wanna-bes.
Doesn’t it all jus make ya’ weak in the knees?
Makes ya’ all get down beg and plead.
Fakes us all out when we can’t get what we need..
Cat calla fan of u. Sick voyeur vicarious lan 2 u.
Trick whore turning out the plan for u.
'Cause if we don’t do it, some other enemy will.
Buzzed on the failure if we blew it, we’re gonna raze this city to the ground before we get our fill.

Valhalla inside of you,
Gilgamesh tempting Enkidu.
What you think you do,                              What they said they knew,
Necrophiliac technocrats are now civilized,                        too.
Temptation driven hypochondriacs fund their vices, splice their news,
Til you don’t know right cause its looks so wrong.
Til the angels sing dirges and the demons sing hymnal song,
Steal wills can stille the hearts of cold killa chills when all goes wrong.
Fact feller from fear,
Racked full ‘o ancient cheer,
Sacked, slarmy, stoned sound critically clear,
‘Cause if u don’t do it, these other fuckers will.
Lost in the glory if we won it, we’re gonna raze this rave to the sky before I get my fill.
If you didn’t catch that u missed the first stanza,
Miffed on psychoanalytical babble pissed from fear and ransom.
O, give a shot for your corporate leaders, racketeering war tears and then some.
Tally grenades of electric coolaide for grape-ape haze
Make technorati waste in face-first dive-on-in tripping face;
A laughing fox, dreamscaped oneiromancy, all in Tao Te Taste.
Long hauler belleview,
Bong caller inside of truth,
Song in the World of the Brave,
Wronged long before our earliest ancestors’ graves.
To old the sages of the age looking out on this generation in pathetic hermitism:
Scream and chant and sing and dance your art from the soul,
And the Heros will follow.

Wall taller the ever,
More lives make the mortar,
And many more deaths before..