iglife Euro Tour Survival Guide KitIncludes:2 Limited Edition Tour PostersGig GuideEquipment ListVIP Wrist BandStickers

The Giglife Euro Tour Survival Kit is collection of prints to promote a collection of bands who once toured in America under the title Giglife, the survival kit is aimed at advertising and promoting the tour to the European audience. The kit is to be given out in a poster tube for free after relevant gigs at the venues Giglife are set to perform at.

The idea was sparked from 'The Zombie Survival Guide' written by Max Brooks, I've always had a soft spot for gimmick survival guides and used the genre as inspiration. I started following the typical guide format producing ideas in book and poster format. Then I considered how it would be distributed and used that as ammo for my idea generation. From here I started designing ways it could be sent through post, handed out and basically come as a package. This is where the idea of a 'kit' format came into play. From here a series of ideas were generated considering the contents of the kit. I focused on my target audience (16-25 young adults) and kept my ideas within the cheap and easy to assemble/distribute sector. This spawned a theme of print, which from personal and secondary experience my target audience love to have things to put on their walls, items that look good but also speak for their interests. So by generating a kit of prints subject to the Pop-punk scene and high visual quality I was confident this would be of interest and work!

The whole Survival Kit idea I really enjoyed producing ideas for. I felt totally in my element working with comical and creative ideas, coming up with a series of mini guides reflecting my view of a typical pop-punk/alternative scene gig. Being given the space and responsibility of creating my own brief and then exploring that was really enjoyable, it allowed me to maximise my ability and interests as a designer.