Seductive Typography
This is a self-initiated project of mine in order to pay a little tribute to both typography and Helvetica. The main idea is a series of poster which are based on a clasic grid and are comprised only by letters, texts, lines and one stylized symbol each time. The posters are designed on a basic grid, made up by 24 equally sized rectangles, divided in 4 columns and 6 rows.  Each rectangle measures 44,5 x 42,8 millimetres and they are placed maintaining a 5 millimetres distance to all directions. The margins measure 10 millimetres to both X and Y axes.  All the posters start with the same phrase ("typography is...") and each one deals with one of typography's traits. Enjoy and please click on the appreciate button if you liked this!
So, how is each poster made? Let's see.
Here are the posters, along with some details during the design procedure.