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    A new Add-on for Firefox Desktop that visualizes a user’s interests, based on their navigation history.
Beyond Browsing History
At its core, the Content Services Team was created to provide Firefox users more transparency, consent, and control over what they see and share on the Web, while driving meaningful revenue for Mozilla in order to support our mission. To do this, we have several projects underway, many of which focus on the revenue part. However, the most crucial of them all is User Personalization, a project focused entirely on putting the user in firm control of all their experiences online, and the data they generate along the way.
On November 9th, we'll be releasing our first all-new product in the Add-Ons store: The Interest Dashboard (ID) for Firefox Desktop – a tool that visualizes a user’s interests, based on their navigation history. Although limited for initial release, the ultimate purpose of ID is to provide users with the ability to analyze their personal interests. They’ll be able to view their overall browsing activity, sort current interest categories by rank, and edit associated search histories. In the future, we will add features that will help users identify more meaningful patters and provide greater control over search history items.
In the future, users will be able to discover new content related to their interests and search history. This portion of the experience will be visual, interactive, and focused entirely on discovery (as opposed to analysis).
Initial view of the Interest Dashboard
Expanded Category Table
Category Activity Rollover
Discovery View
While the Interest Dashboard may be a work in progress, it's a huge step forward in our quest to make the Web more transparent. The challenge going forward will be integrating the dashboard – and the analytical engine that drives it – into the Firefox browser, and more broadly with other CS products.