La Presse is the largest French-language daily in North America. For 129 years, it has been known for the quality of its content and the credibility and popularity of its columnists and journalists. However, as of 2008, it started seeing its readership migrate to digital media. In order to face this situation, and following lengthy investigations into possible orientations, La Presse chose to develop an entirely original formula, a new way to view the news that combines depth and entertainment in one easy-to-use package. With this strategy, La Presse planned to use La Presse+ to carve out a distinct niche for itself with a product that stands out from the competition and, to this day, is unique in the news world.
Directeur Création:
Anik Ouellet, Anne-Claude Chénier, Barbara Jacques
Directeur Artistique:
Isabelle Allard, Maxime Sauté
Patrick Michaud, Geneviève Cardinal