The background - I wanted to investigate the rituals of social behavior to create a marketable luxury product or range of products. I explored the possibility of instantaneous performance as a medium and looked into new ways that it could aid in product experience.  Attempting to define the engagement users had with products, and discovering the intuitive properties that materials have on individuals. Followed by a strong design direction that encourages emotive response and user participation. The idea - People have an intimate knowledge of materials and have complex value systems that inform their decision making process.  I felt that performance could tap into this system and imbue the magic of product creation and inform permanent design practice. The outcome - A product that holds a personal narrative, created from luxury materials and performance. Crossroads – the collection, and a process of creating products thatunderstand the things that mean things to people.
The Paris Metro was planned as early as 1845 and moves six millionpeople on an average day. Spending winter in Paris can mean alot of time using one of the worldsmost effiecient transport networks. Running all over the city center and full of Parisian flavour the network led our client to many intriging and unknown petite coins (spots). Cast in aluminium these pieces are a simplified representation of theoff-street routes used to get to memorable moments and places.
Final Outcome, Jewellery. The Whangarei Heads are steeped in local history. The distinctive shape of Mt Manaia is instantly recognisable to anyone from this region. Formed in silver,the skyline has been simplified into an abstracted form, to create a timeless modern hierloom.  This is combined with native timbers to reflect and connect to the tactility and beauty of the place, which is very important to the comissioner of the piece.
Final Aluminium Cast - stool top