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    A collection of my more intimate photographs of plant life.
A perfect day to take a nap amongst the wildflowers, in Portland, Oregon. 
California redwood in Henry Cowell State Park, clearing all in its path. 
A stormy, moody spring sunset up in the hills of the UC Santa Cruz campus, spanning over 2,000 acres of open fields and redwood groves. 
Sea kelp, gracefully going with the dailyl ebb and flow.
This photo was taken the first day I bought my new sea kayak, and became fascinated to the point of obsession with the California kelp forests-their vastness, the creatures that live within them, and their role in their ocean as a whole. 
California sea kelp, detailed, fragile and intricate, but unstoppable and irreplaceable in Monterey Bay ecosystem. 
Caught up in the pilings, California sea kelp dances in the wind. 
The rich color and detail of over-grown California sea kelp, on a particularly clear watered day. 
California sea kelp, growing as much as 60cm daily. This picture embodies the rich and vast ecosystem within the kelp, and the world that relies on it. 
A happy and succulent lily flower just inside the Adirondacks of New York state. 
A healthy oak tree standing tall and proud in Henry Cowell State Park. 
Dappled lighting down by the river in the San Lorenzo Valley.
Early morning life, reaching for the sunlight on a steamy August day in Southern Massachusetts.