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    Refreshing Connections.
Amtrak - Refreshing Connections
A campaign to promote the 12 Most Scenic Train Rides offered by Amtrak on their routes across the United States. The idea was to make the journey between two cities a "refreshing" experience, just like a road trip for a traveller.
Print 1
Print 2
Outdoor/Transit Advertising at Local Train Stations
Ambient Experience for "Refreshing Connections" on local trains. Relaying the message of a short refreshing experience between to locations, only on Amtrak tours.
The Website allows users to explore the options of the 12 scenic rides available to take a trip down the heart of America. Or they can just choose the location they're from and travelling to and hop on the ride that includes their destination. 
Website Runthrough (GIF)
Website Screenshots
Social Integration on Pinterest — for "Refreshing Connections".
Scrolling gimmick that catches attention of users who endlessly scroll on Pinterest. Demonstrates the idea that two locations merge to form a refreshing connection in the visual language of the print ads.
Mobile Application designed that translates the function of the website to allow users to explore and/or book a trip on one of the Scenic Train Rides on Amtrak.
Mobile Application Runthrough
Client: Amtrak
Art Director: Rushil Nadkarni, Jocelyn Morera
Copywriter: Jocelyn Morera, Rushil Nadkarni
School: Savannah College of Art and Design