Rat Entertainment [Talenthouse.com contest]
[Talenthouse.com contest]
For me, more important than to answer “what”, is to answer “who”: Brett Ratner is the central piece of this design, not only because he’s the founder but also because he gives part of his name to the company.
So after seeing some interviews and his films, I decided that humor should be one of the main characteristics: his public side, seems to be someone very relaxed but decided and direct, with a good sense of humor.
That’s why, based on this, I decided to do something simple that would evoke a real cinema tradition: the typical mob scene, where someone writes something in a piece of paper, but this time to be revealed.
This scene is the base of the graphic design itself, where the word “rat” is handwritten and you can see a subtle fold in the middle of the word. The “a” gets a little more visual emphasis, a result of the way you say the word.

A huge thank to Leandro Silva!