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    Idea's competition promoted by Palma de Mallorca City Council.
Mercat Pere Garau
Palma de Mallorca
TYPE: competition entry
PROGRAM: market + public square + underground parking
YEAR: 2009
TEAM: Jordi Lopez Aguilo, Maria de la o Martinez Reyna, Manuel Mondragón
ADVISOR ENGINEER: Carles Garau Fullana

Thanks to an aerial photograph taken in 1955, we can see for sure that the original market was designed in 4 separate blocks, 3 of which still maintain their original forms today. Later remodelling and enlargements lack historical accuracy or attempt at reproduction.
Purity and simplicity; we are left with the essentials: the original wooden purlin structure, the doorway entrance and the tiled hip roof as historical elements in the historical blocks (The original tile patina is of interest to us).
The original frontage was white and sober: the masonry baseboard was eliminated and the original colour was regained.
The process led to a loss of surface area in the market. That is why we decided to move the south block (it has undergone lots of changes and does not maintain the original purlin structure) to recover the lost space. This operation makes the footprint clearer and leaves the option for the complementary programme which complements the corners looking towards the south part of the square.
The new Pere Grau market we are proposing is a unitary building. It is neutral and homogeneous. It respects the original market’s essence.
The new blocks’ walls are made of a double coat concrete (with a set of rectangular openings) and metal perforated plate witch acquires a different perforation density depending on the height. The two layers let a diffuse, filtered light inside. The skylights are north-facing, giving way to an indirect light which comes in caressing the angled planes, giving the people inside a continuous view of the sky.
These natural light wells guarantee a very comforting illumination of the interior. They have a ventilation groove witch evacuates all hot air and stops condensation.