Peter Gilmore is the Executive Chef of internationally acclaimed Sydney restaurant ‘Quay’. Having worked with Peter on his first multi award-winning book 'Quay – Food Inspired by Nautre', we have recently finished designing and producing his second book 'Organum'.

Throughout this project we have gained a deeper insight into the principles, inspiration and influences behind his craft, so decided to collaborate with very talented team at Pollen Digital to develop a companion iPad app that explores the theme of 'Organum' through Peter's signature dishes.

Via a key ingredient for each recipe, the app introduces us to some of Australia’s first-class growers, fishmongers and producers, exploring both their local environment and the unique produce that forms an integral part of Peter Gilmore’s nature-based cuisine.

Available free from the App Store. Download a copy today.

A preview of Peter's new book 'Organum' is also available on our website

Peter Gilmore iPad app