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We were buzzing with excitement when we finally started to work with Octane Render in our Cinema4D environment. Its performance is beyond anything we hoped for. 
Believe it or not, but this short film began life as an internal side project. We simply wanted to test the capabilities of our new cutting edge technology. Find some render specs below. 
Has a pile of junk ever looked so good? Or moved so well? We think not. We’re over the moon with how Scruta Bestialis has turned out. And it’s thanks to a new box of tricks, combined with our dedication to detail.
Each animal has a distinct personality. From the perky dog eager to bound about. To the prickly, poised spider, spinning an impeccably sized web.
We take incredible pride in our work. We believe in high-quality, immersive experiences. Where the viewer is enveloped, lost in the world you’ve created for them.
We even couldn't hesitate to write that beautiful poetry: 
Thanks Adam for the English adaption!
In times to come, perchance anon
Our age of rubbish will soon be gone
Though wouldn’t it be better still
If it could eat itself and give us a thrill?
In ferner Zeit, vielleicht auch bald
hat Müll den Mensch verdrängt eiskalt.
Doch ist's nicht ganz so grau und trist,
der Müll sich gegenseitig frisst.
For the record: The obligatory cycle render test...
The nerdy render stuff:
As already mentioned the whole thing has startet as render test. So we had only little render resources between serveral commercial projects.
Therefore we decided to render small HD resoultion, 1280 x 720px. Otherwise we were not able to render more than 2,500 frames. While working on the project we found out that we can speed up the Octane render by rendering double resolution and scale it down to half size later in compositing. This allowed us to reduce the sample rate to "only" 1000.
Render time: about 10 min./frame, using Octane network with 4x GTX780 and 1x GTX760

Produced by: Christian T. Remiger
Directed by: Leo Dziallas
Modelling: Leo Dziallas, Oliver Tomann
Animation: Leo Dziallas
Music/Sounddesign: Ralph Stachulla, Valentin Scherer
Narrator: Matthias Hack (German), Adam Wakeling (English)


Something’s going on in the gym! Bringing scrap to life in our latest animated short film. Produced with Cinema4D and Octane Render.
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