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    An opportunity for people to raise their voice---
Some People with Signs
"Some People with Signs" is a new commission that I have been working on for the last months. The piece resembles a lot a piece from a few years back called "Stay on Message" the theme being the same only the size and the content being different. The idea stems from the kick I get out of people demonstrating something they feel strongly about. That can be positive or negative, it can be a sign raised in celebration or a sign raised in anger at some injustice. The circular composition brings a bit of balance to the chaos as well as being reminiscent of a mandala. The colorful nature of the signs is in sharp contrast to the black outline of the figures which in my opinion gives the work a very dynamic presence.
The very first figure

The piece, as it's being fleshed out, in one of it's initial compositions...
The family prior to the final decisions on the composition being taken and the figures being welded together.
The finished piece above and some details of various figures below...