The Task
Vasiliki Kotsi is a Veterinarian. Her affection for animals started since she was a little girl. Therefore she succesfully graduated from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and completed her training in the Veterinary Pathological clinic of the University of Thessaly. We were assigned to design for her a logo and business cards.

The Concept
In order to avoid the stereotypical design methods of common veterinary identities, we decided to create a playfull visual identity, based on the initials of the client's name and some icons in order to enhance the identity.

The Solution
The initials of the client's name create a face of a dog, one of the most common pet figures. All icons designed in the same way in order to specify the client's occupation.


Client: Vasiliki Kotsi

Creative / Art Direction: Dimitris Chatzelas
Designer: Dimitris Chatzelas
Print Design: Nikos Karapatakis