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    ATHENA is a virtual product-line of souvenir gifts for the shop of the Acropolis museum.
ATHENA consists of a series of virtual  5 product packages of souvenirs for the gift shop of  Acropolis Museum. The product line includes packages for 2 statuettes, 2 urns and a paper bag. The head of the owl alludes to the goddess Athena and symbolizes wisdom, caution and the city of Athens. A humanist font is uses for the word ATHENA. This allows for a more modern design approach and simultaneously matches with the minimalist form of the owl. Finally, the motifs and colors are influenced from decorative elements on urns from the Golden Age.
Logotype on different scales
Fonts used 
Colors used 
The pattern
 Development of the box with the statuette of  " ΚΟΡΗ ΤΟΥ ΕΥΘΥΔΙΚΟΥ"
 Development of the box with the urn of " ΜΕΛΑΝΟΜΟΡΦΗ ΛΟΥΤΡΟΦΟΡΟΣ ΥΔΡΙΑ"
 Development of the box with the urn of "¨ΕΡΥΘΡΟΜΟΡΦΗ ΛΟΥΤΡΟΦΟΡΟΣ ΥΔΡΙΑ"
 Development of the box with the statuette of "ΚΑΡΥΑΤΙΔΑ"
Development of the paper bag