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    Hand painted illusion of aged leaded or stained glass windows to visually open a space up.
A room with a view
Trompe-l'oeil stained glass hand painted windows bring light and life
Any window in a room brings an openness and air but what if you couldn't really have a window?  That's where Artist; Doug Coggeshall comes in.  Not only can you have exactly what you want but he can add mystery, romance, intrigue or an air of character and age with crumbled walls and intruding vine art.  The trompe-l'oeil (pronounced: tromp-loy,  French meaning: trick of the eye) windows have a sheen on the painted glass and yet a soft translucency as you can see the vines passing through the glass or the foundation of the stone wall behind.  A faux window visually opens a space up and creates a sense of light, air and imagination.