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    Bangle style watch
"Luna concept watch by designer Nigel Roddy is a functional timepiece that merges the technological aspect of the accessory with a pleasing overall aesthetic that makes the design truly unique. Designed like an over-sized bracelet, Luna watch looks to bring the fun element back to time keeping by introducing a new way to tell the time. The quirky watch does away the regular, boring old watch face and dials and replaces the form of the traditional watch with a unique interface that is truly 21st century-worthy." Design Buzz Magazine
"Time is displayed on the LED-lit watch interface with the individual petals on the three flowers lighting up to the hour and minute. To tell time, users simply have to read the numbers going from the biggest petal to the smallest on each flower, i.e., to display the time “10:32,” the watch would show the 10th petal of the biggest flower, the 3rd petal on the middle flower, and the 2nd petal on the smallest flower light up together. There is no display to mark the second hand on the watch, and though this may seem odd to some people, it fits in perfectly with the unique time-telling scheme of things in this unique watch.

For people who do not like to be mentally stimulated every time they want to know what the time is, or simply do not have the time to decipher the intricate system can also press the hidden reveal button to flash up the time digitally. This cool feature also allows you to “hide” the time to tease friends" Design Buzz Magazine
"The playful watch has an opaque white inner core enveloped by a transparent plastic outer shell. The flower petals are hollow cut from the outer skin which allows light to refract and reflect against the petals from the backlit LEDs, and make the piece a true fashion accessory and the trendiest timepiece in town. With the function buttons hidden below the surface, the watch’s controls can be operated only by the wearer and that too in the most discreet manner possible.

The clean, uninterrupted lines of the watch are also accentuated by the bangle-style design of the timepiece which frees it from having a traditional clasp allowing it to sit loosely on the wrist making it more chic and less watch-like in style."
Design Buzz Magazine
Concept development
Concept development