Redesign and revision
of Engadget Windows Phone application
I had been made revision application design for windows phone application. The first version I received as a base suffered from insufficiently explored the logic and did not meet microsoft style guides. 

I have developed a new type of start screen, background image for panoramic and other pages, new icons and changes to most application screens
Application start screen
As usual i started with some prototyping and ideas based on content of client.
One of first prototypes with comments from client and my own decisions
Severai screens of first design variant
After some discussions we decide to try some dark theme variations and they look much better. Design was accepted and i created most of application screen in new style.
Article view
Gallery screen
Part of article screens
Video Hub screen
And of course didn't forget to create application title, icon and e.t.c.
Application live tile variations
Thanks for watching!