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    Calendar 2011. One night Project. Personal photos. Famous Quotations.
First Calendar - (2011)
Did this last minute project for December holidays
This project is the first one I did in Photoshop for personal use. My boyfriend encouraged me to do this. All the photographs used were taken from cameras we own. Actually only the last photo (December) was shot by me the rest are his, from his vacation. We shortlisted the pictures together and he came up with most of the quotations. I put together all twelve (12) in one night. As this was one of my first projects, time estimation was not my strong points, every time I thought it would be finished soon; I was confronted by a new challenge. I know that the sun came up and met me still at the printing stage. This year met me with quite a few Photoshop challenges. I have complete at least five website designs (2 of which went into production); and some very simple art for each of them.

I hope to do another calendar this year end; and this time most of the pictures I hope to use are my own.
I picked this Image and the caption for June ; I was born in June and I think both of them reflect my personality.
This was taken near the North coast in our island. It was originally a colour image. I did some edits to get it to this point.
I did not go on this trip so I look at these wishing I was there.
I loved this image. It was not the most clean or professional shot; however I had to find a way to use it. I really felt inspired when I saw it. There is actually a very cool story behind it. (to be told another time)
I took this on one of our "scouting trips". It was one of my better ones that day.