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Wrigley's 5 Gum: The Ultimate Sensory Experience
Digital Campaign including website, Facebook and Social Media Strategy  

5 Gum React asked us to create buzz and visibility, extend product reach, and implement a larger social sharing aspect around the gum.  The target audience is young, tech-savvy and on the prowl for the next cool thing.  We tapped into this idea of being first (exclusivity) and sent black envelopes online asking existing fans to be a part of the "experiment."  If they participated, real gum packages were sent to the fans to test the product before it was launched.  Then, we centralized the sensory experience in one site as the hub for sharing.

Two points of activation: one, for those who have been chose and another for those who want to be chosen.
Once chosen, the user must give 5 Gum his or her address in order to receive the free package of gum in the mail, thus continuing the experiment.
Second Phase of the campaign:  Now that we have gathered testers and generated a significant amount of buzz, the next phase includes joining online in the experiment.  While I did not design the visuals, I expressed in creative brainstorms that I thought we should create visuals, for instance, if the gum was a color what color would it be.  This is in line with 5 Gum's brand image as 5 Gum is about comparing the gum to emotions, sensations and experiences.
We also wanted to have an immediate reaction to the gum.  Just identify a flavor and these responses could be streamed in ads and on twitter.