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I built this project for myself when I was planning to get started on the UX industry in London. I had to find a way to prove that, although I didn't have experience in a specific role job as a User Experience Designer, I had all the skills, abilities, preparation and experience that make for a good UX designer.
So then it was time to get introducing some personal style traces as well. My plan was to build an Interface Design Platform, that always took inspiration from Nature. It was a beautiful project I must say, and like with everything I do, I devoted myself to it completely. But then, life took me in other directions an so this project, didn't go that much further. But I built the whole skeleton, taking very good care of interactivity, experience, and refined design detail. It was all purely written in HTML5, LESS and JQuery. And I used a built lightbox system for my image gallery.
The main challenge, was to tell a story of who I was, and how I was an excellent match for UX design. Even though, the trend was mainly to work on purely plain colours and minimallistacally, and pragmatically, I decided to take the risk of giving it a more personal feel by using colour that I took from a picture of some flowers. I just thought that I really didn't want to offer just the same everybody else did. 
I put a lot of effort into carefully selecting my icons, tweaking them cohesively, and setting the proportions of the site just right, easy for the eye and smooth for the navigation. I wanted to display a number of abilities with equal importance, so I had to make sure that my hierarchy was horizontal.
I didn't get to finish this project as I was offered a job that I accepted, but the process of compositing was absolutely worthwhile.