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    Front End development
The Handbag Rental was handed to me by an agent at an early stage of the business but once most of the coding was actually in place.
See project online: The Handbag Rental
This project was incredibly challenging as I had never worked in CakePHP before, or any other MVC model for that matter. It really took me a while to get my head around the whole thing.
The amount of time I had was really little, and so were the resources. I didn't have access to the developer, the manager was the owner of the business and didn't know anything about digital or web based technologies, and the contact I was given pretended to be the developer, was unable to explain anything to me whatsover. So there I was, between a rock and a hard place, absolutely not knowing what software or framework to use, nor whether I would be capable of delivering, but I was utterly resolved to get it done on time. And so I did :-)
After getting familiar with the structure of the project, the basic concelpts of MVC, and the database implementation, I put my hands to it and managed to insert a paypal system, database communication, and restricted login. Plus a delicate crafting of the overall layout in CSS. 
I believe The Handbag Rental is now a successful business and the interface remains the same, but the database has grown much bigger in a year, which I am glad for.