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    Identity system for URSA – Art & Architecture

URSA is an artistic studio that combines photography and architecture in the creation of buildings, objects, images, films and texts. Their interests are focused on the pursuit of alternative creation processes – leading to the production of critical matter and thought – rather than making “pretty” projects.

The identity and website we've designed for URSA are based on two core principles: 1. ideas and 2. ways of connecting them. Hence, there isn't a static logo or a main version of it. There is a system in which each character of the word Ursa moves to a different position according to the format and media it is placed at, and that movement creates a line connecting it to the following character, ultimately forming a constellation like shape.


The same principle applies when displaying content: an image connects to a text, that connects to a video, that connects to another idea. The website invites the visitor to make his/her own connections, to overlap projects and ideas, and to leave a trace of his/her navigation. The website acts as a statement, in which rationale and process become more relevant than final pieces of work.

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Logo animation by Snack Studio​​​