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    The Budapest based Írók Boltja (Writers' Bookshop) bookstore’s identity renewal.
Írók Boltja identity  BA graphic design degree project Part I.
The theme of my degree project was the Budapest based Írók Boltja (Writers' Bookshop) bookstore’s identity renewal and concept for its window display. Before it was a bookstore there were been a cafe, and since of its foundation the place is the center of Budapest’s literatur life. The renewal of the identity is really important for the shop, adapt to the needs of the new generation and keep the regular customers as well. Besides the renewal it is really important to not forget the past, but build on it.
At the beginning the store was the Café Japan what became one of the most popular and famous gathering place for artists and writers in Budapest. Conjuring up the original atmosphere and cultural role of Café Japan, an intimate teahouse operates inside the store where the costumers can freely read. Regularly held book launches, literary events and writer-reader meetings also take place in the teahouse. The design of the logo based on the japanese letters within that I reached back to their origins. The I is a "pen", R is a "hand", O is a "tree" and the K is a "book". This words connects to the bookstore. To use the logotype I designed a two-color stamp what can be seen on the envelope, writing paper and business card.
The other part of the identity is a pattern what was inspired by the fig tree what is the universal symbol of knowledge. The pattern is made of 7 different elements. Beside the logotype, stamp and the ornaments I had designed a package with wrapping paper and tote bag, which was made with silkscreen printing.