Bartenders and cocktail lovers all over the world agree: most brands cannot compete with the superior flavor, aroma and variety of Bols liqueurs. We have given this global brand the bottle it deserves.
The world of cocktails is all about a wide variety of flavors, colors, ingredients and off course the entertainment factor in making them. Flair tending is not an easy job. In clubs buzzing with customers lined up at the bar they have to make cocktails quickly, skillfully and in an entertaining way. Therefore the new Bols bottles have been designed specifically for this situation. The neck of the bottle has a ribbed texture to offer excellent grip when the bottle is taken from the speedwell.
The overall shape of the botlle is similar to juggling pins for obvious reasons. The labels on the bottles identifying the various flavors have a fluorescend coating in order to make them highly visible in the dark environment they are mostly used. Bols has taken flair tending to another level with the new bottles.