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Wedding Portraits
Something Old, Something New . . .
Having been a groom, and a wedding guest, one unknown was always the wedding gift.  What to give?  What would be received?
When giving a wedding present, I did not want to purchase just one place setting, or two wine glasses or a wok (well, maybe the wok).  I wanted to give something different and meaningful.

When receiving wedding presents, there were gift giving folks just like me.  So, I wound up with 2 clocks, 3 crystal vases, 5 picture frames and other repetitive items.
There is a way for you to be creative and to give that different and meaningful wedding present.  A present that will be enjoyed for a lifetime and also passed down to the grandchildren.
A custom wedding portrait can be given as a gift, placed on a registry wish list by the bride and groom or be an anniversary gift for the wedded couple. The possibilities are endless with a custom wedding portrait.  Maybe you are about to celebrate your 10th wedding anniversary.  Perhaps your parents are nearing a 25th wedding anniversary or your grandparents a 50th wedding anniversary.   What a special, thoughtful and unique gift to commemorate those years together.

The process is easy.  The photo to be painted is chosen by you, the family member or the bride and groom.  It can be sent by mail or by email (preferable method).  The portrait is painted and a priceless heirloom is created.  It's that simple!
The cost of a custom wedding portrait will normally range from $800 - $3500 depending upon the amount of detail and the size requested.   A quote is given on an individual basis and I am in contact with you throughout the process for proofing and changes.
Samples of custom wedding portraits are shown below, whether it be of newlyweds, or couples married over 40+ years ago. 
Jean came to me with a faded and worn photo of her parents on their wedding day.  She was worried that the photo would soon disintegrate and the memory would be lost.  I worked closely with her to recreate the background and the details that I knew were missing due to photographic limitations of the time and aging.
Her parents, Tess and Bud, were married on December 28, 1930.  Tess was young, and they were very much in love, so they eloped to Toledo, Ohio.  Her Aunt Kate, who supported the union, threw a small celebration on her farm. The wedding photo was taken there.  
"The wedding portrait is hanging, over the fireplace, in my bedroom.  I look at it daily, have a chat with them and smile fondly."  Jean D., Hilton Head, SC
Wedding Portraits

Wedding Portraits

It may have already passed, it may be on it's way. Your wedding day is something worth remembering in the form of a wedding portrait that is more Read More