McMillan Ranch CompanyIdentity Manual and Packaging
Final Project in our Design 1 class, Fall 2010. The challenge was to create a company and its identity system like always, but this time, apply it to packaging, and further create an Identity Standards Manual to show the logos, appropriate and innappropriate usages. I found inspiration for this project because of #1 my love of a good steak, and #2 my childhood in west Texas. My aunt and Uncle own a ranch in the middle of the state, and while they do not actually make these products, its something that would compliment their company well! 

McMillan Ranch Company is a ranch out in west Texas that provides not only  the best meat in the state, but the best marinades and seasonings to go with your meat too. The mission is simple, to make you the best grill master around. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it!
The cover of the Identity Standards Manual. Cover is Laser cut with the company's logo, so the gold on the secondary page would show through. The Book was 27 pages long.