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    Wedding invitational package printed on cotton paper featuring custom lettering, saddle stitch booklet, stamp, and wax seal.
“You traveled half-way around the world to marry someone on the other side of the fence?” my mother-in-law would joke. My wife and I both came from Eastern Europe. Only the Danube and 112.5 miles separated us at birth, so we wanted to share our story with our guests through a wedding invite package that features a 6x9in saddle stitch booklet, custom rubber stamp & wax seal all on cotton stock. 

Rather than fighting against wedding invite stereotypes I chose to push the medium further and apply these techniques in unite ways. Gone are the corny script fonts, now replaced by modern Didone serifs. 
The traditional touches like the rubber stamp and the wax seal were used to create an end product that is both tactile and elegant, with a hint of rustic appeal. Both of these letterforms were first lettered by hand, then conveyed to vectors, then to physical form. People really responded positively to package. Ripping open something premium and precious created an experience for the invitees that would eventually cary over into the event itself.