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Indonesia is known as one place in the world with absolutely its amazing tropical beauty (Tropical Paradise), and of course equator richness typical of nature magnificence. It does surely brings prospective potentials to archipelago tourism. But, as the matter of fact, it has not been maximally yet exposed in accordance with many factors as like poverty neighborhood by tourism site, lack of "high pleasant and accentual oriented" tours and travel bureau related to high demand by expatriate and local tourists of cozier, "homy sense" and original nuance of represented Indonesian ethnical characteristic of arts and culture. Having said so, in supporting Indonesia as main Dreaming Destination for expatriate - European market segment specially, PT. Jelajah Isya has been presenting itself in professional commitment for maximum efforts to the essential tourism in archipelago. It has important mission for ensuring Indonesia, as the result, as high reputable accentual tourism destination for both local and global tourists.

In terms, "Jelajah" means to journey all over the places for observing, and "Isya" is derived from Sansekerta language-means the night. As like as agile "Musang Luwak" - unrealized urban possible living nightly animal, Jelajah Isya is dynamic and unmonotonous travelling-tourism package operator with new sensational excellent professional handling. And as like Musang Luwak nature with its ability to transform regular coffee to be the high quality one, Jelajah Isya also arranges innovative tourism travelling to exclusive uncommon sites, unlike being offered by other tours and travel bureau.
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