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A small graphic design piece for an art jam.
02 - "Visceral"

What is this?
This is a graphic piece for "Viernes de Ilustración". I like to think of VDI, as an artistic, didactic, recreational and creative graphic exercise that proposes a concept or theme. In a similar fashion to an art jam, you choose to commit to it and produce anything, related to that theme of course, share and most importantly, have fun. It's been created and managed by the über-great Golpe Avisa. It can be seen by many as a localized "Illustration Friday", but it's actually cooler than that.

This month's theme:

Previously, I came up with a really big concept that involved many, many technical aspects and commitment, so I ended up not finishing it. This time, I had another BIG concept that only a few knew of. It was happening again, a dead end in bigger proportions. In the end not only had I chosen a different concept, I focused my approach and delivery method. 

The new idea: to show a series of images with an ambiguous concept. Two wallpapers about a contradiction, to think with a heartful reasoning. To choose the appropriate scenario for a visceral and/or reasonable thinking. Heart or Brain.

My moodboards tend to be very "complex" --an easy word for unfocused or maybe... quite chaotic, over-excited, and frantic proportions-- so for this one I quickly had something in my mind, I had seen these before and greatly inspired my final approach.

Made in C4D and Photoshop.

I kinda used my brain better and fought the heart for this. : )