The »KISDannual 2014« is the official yearly report of the Köln International School of Design, part of the Cologne University of Applied Sciences.
The annual presents project work from different areas of expertise and the final theses of graduates from the degree programs Diploma, Bachelor and Master in Integrated Design as well as the Bachelor and Master of European Studies in Design.
Working together with a team of twelve design students my tasks were to work out a fitting concept of photography for the annual and ultimately to organize and carry out numerous photo shoots as well as to check and edit the incoming stream of visual media to make sure the best quality of images could be provided for the final print.
During the 6 month period of the project I photographed the current professors, 43 graduates as well as capturing many images for articles and events.
2014 | Student project
KISDannual 2014
450 copies
First Edition
ISBN 978-3-9816722-0-6

Köln International School of Design
Institute of the Cologne University
of Applied Sciences
Prof. Andreas Wrede

Ubierring 40
50678 Köln

Annual Team 2014
supervised by Prof. Andreas Wrede

Enis Akiev, Julia Verena Antista, Daniel Birk, Steffen Brücken, Jaqueline Diedam, Raoul Döring, Anna Fitz, Marcel Oelschläger, Dieter Pilger, Jakob Plöns, Roman Schlikow, Benedikt Schmitz
Cover: 300 g/m² Lumi Silk
Inside: 135 g/m² Lumi Silk

The individual articles presented here do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the editorial board of this yearbook. The responsibility for the copyright of the illustrations and articles is solely the responsibility of the respective graduates. Re-printing, reproduction or use of the graphics and text contained herein are expressly forbidden without the written permission of the editorial board.