Filter017 X 909 TOY - POP CORN Vinyl Toy
Filter017 X 909 TOY - POP CORN Vinyl Toy

2014,it's Filter017 design team's first decade, and in this year,
we didn't hold any grand celebration party, because we know that's not our style,
over the past decade, we have chosen to find out the essence of the original - design spirit 
and creative style, therefore, Filter017 finally going to release the classic character - POP 
CORN's Vinyl Toy in 2014 TTF!
 Filter017 design team art director - ENZO says : The POPCORN design inspiration is come 
from once he just hang around in the supermarket, suddenly he saw a favorite snack in 
his childhood, and the creative inspiration just blow up in his mind, from POP CORN's chic 
sunglasses to the smile arc, has already reflecting Filter017's interesting design style and 
attitude towards life,
ENZO always carrying the utter innocence to explore the design world,
and you could also discover this funny and humorous design attitude in each of Filter017's 
graphic design! 
Since 2012,after we had released the POPCORN character accessories,
we're truly hope this popular figure could be transformed into the designer toy,
after 2 years choppy development process, the project was stopped in this process,
until we hit it off with the Shanghai's art toy team-909 TOY,
this delayed production plan finally could reboot in 2014,
and this year also is Filter017's 10th anniversary!
About the prototype model sculpting,
we invited famous Taiwan sculptor-Trex Wang again, to handle our POPCORN's prototype, 
through his superb and ingenious sculpting techniques,
after a few months discuss and trimmed a lot of prototypes detail,
also been through replicated moulding,polished grind and painting...etc process,
finally we finished the prototype of POPCORN figure,
we immediately took these two POPCORN prototype figure to Shanghai,
and discuss the cooperation detail with 909 TOY art toy team,
then we had started for several months in problem fix and make samples.
Finally, we're going to release this original color vinyl toy figure in this fall ,
and we also use the American style layout and words of ingenuity on the toy's package,
hope could let the whole package and toy gets more joyful.
Filter017 team hope through this year's TTF, not only let everyone to see our POP CORN 
Vinyl Toy, and during the exhibition, we'll going to released other POP CORN's peripheral 
We'd like to share the insist and unchanged design attitudes of graphic design and product 
development with you.

Style: Original
First release date: 2014 TTF -2014.10.09 (Thu)
Size: Toy: 6 inches / Outerbox packing: 18 * 25 * 10.5cm
Price: USD$65
Filter017 X 909 TOY - POP CORN Vinyl Toy

Filter017 X 909 TOY - POP CORN Vinyl Toy

Filter017 X 909 TOY - POP CORN Vinyl Toy

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