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    Corporate web-site for telcommunication provider. Ð'еб-сайт для телекоммуникационного провайдера OYSTER.
corporate web-site for telecomunication provider

While working on this project, we had to submit to highly creative ideas of the client. Main pr-concept of this telecommunication company is a total difference from all competitors, which reveals itself in chaotic drawings, laying under company logo, and a heavy use of bright red color throughout all corporate identity.

After a couple of brainstorms we came up with an idea of oscilograph image, which shows heartbeat of a typical client. So, the graph on a oscilograph screen looks somewhat similar to Oyster logo. We've shown a before/after image of heartbeat rate, which emerge while using services of Oyster. Clearly there is a life-changing difference happening in the OY moment on graph :)
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