Chakra means a Circle or a Cycle.

This is an experimental student documentary film which was made in August 2009 by 
Chetan Syal, Mitalee Agrawal, Sreejita Chakraborty and Suhasa Dutta under the guidance of
Ms. Junuka Deshpande at D.J Academy of Design, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu.

The concept of the film revolves around the metaphorical cycle of wind in the Coimbatore Flower Market (Poo Market as they call it in Tamil Nadu), R.S. Puram. Wind is free flowing and has no form. It travels from one place to the other and has different effects on everything that comes along its way. It is still, calm, violent, naughty and keeps moving on. The flower market has a wind of its own which is full of color, fragrance and busy people. The movie is a non narrative approach to capture the essence of that wind.

We do not own the copyrights to the soundtrack. It is a student film.