Identity & logo work

Identity for a corporate fitness company in San Francisco.
3000 Acre Kitchen (3KAK) blog identity. Sharing the love of cooking in the outdoors,
one roaring fire at a time.
Identity for Mondevo, a Real Estate Development and Brokerage company in Vancouver, BC.
Collaboration with Nike for a project including a fictitious Analytics product. BIO stands for Business Insight Optimization (BIO).
Website content and RSS feed automation company.
Identity for friend's culinary school project
Created for one of Mondevo's newly renovated buildings. The ask was to make it simple while
keeping some of the former logo's serif characteristics

For an upcoming women-only gym in Vancouver, BC.
Logo and site design for a friend's Flex/Air topic blog - for those momentary bouts of tourettes.
Friends' wedding mark. This brown and blue palette is the one they chose for the
invitation and 'save the date' cards.
Variation based on original Brightcove mark. The custom text was revised from the original to create this identity. It was used for a video mashup consumer tool.
Consumer product trend startup focusing around Twitter's community activity.
Design for a professional language translation services company.
Identity for a friend's rock band in NYC, Blood Red Sun. I hate to be a cliche, but Icarus just fit well....
Full identity work for Le Barricou, a FrenchBistro in the heart of Williamsburg, Brooklyn.The client wanted a rooster, which is a traditional French mark. Barricou also means the front part of a wine barrel.
Design proposal for a high-end gym in NYC.
Mark for a friend's superhero costume
Jewelry and accessories line brand identity. Targeted demographic is comprised of
middle aged and affluent women.
Ecoammo, a Canadian sustainability & LEED educational research firm for the built environment.
New Jersey-based MMA and Muay Thai dojo and fight team. The logo's shape and color is meant to reference the MBA and MLB logos metaphor while representing Thailand's tri-color national flag. The low & high kick silhouettes are also meant to represent the letter "K".
Brand concept for credit card company's new consumer credit card and web presence.
Design for Massachusetts General Hospital health education project in Africa. MIHI stands for Maternal Infant Health Initiative. Logo is also meant to slightly resemble a heart.
Web development firm in Philadelphia. The client was looking for an organic and agile look and feel.
Key Strategic Acquisitions (KSA), a real estate investment firm in Vancouver, BC.
The circle acting as the crossbar is meant to represent being acquired by the letter A.
Identity idea for mayor Ed Rendell's political campaign
Canadian television show about environmental and sustainable living. The infinity mark
is meant to represent the notion of renewal, recycle and sustainability
Logo for a friend's superhero costume
Springer Cartographics specializes in custom maps for book publishers, magazines,
organizations, dynamic map software, and web sites.