The brief was to find a solution for sexual harassment that will impact everyday life in Sri Lanka. 
When researching Sexual harassment in a local context, we found that women in Sri Lanka are harassed more with UN statistics showing 95% of women are harassed in public.The main reason for this is gender inequality is instilled in society, 
and the best way to deal with this is by educating the young. 
It was evident that an effective solution to the issue of sexual harassment would be to change the perception of men; 
to redefine masculinity based on respect and equality. To change the perception of school boys, solutions needed to attract the audience and have their undivided attention. To achieve this, the final solution is a multiplatform game.
Named ‘Pretty as a Punch’, the game is entertaining and sheds light on the issue, as the player goes through the everyday bullying of a regular girl. The plot revolves around Prema, a girl who lives in a regular town. As she goes on her way she is confronted by a number of harassers and her objective is to outplay them using wit and the resources available.
Pretty As A Punch - The Game
Multiple platforms of the game to reach a wider audience.
The objective of the game is to get the better of the bullies by using the resources available to her. Her ‘weapons’ will react with elements within the specific environment in order to defeat the harassers. In this snippet, Prema uses the slipper to knock down a bee hive that falls on the bully. You lose and have to restart if a bully reaches you before you can react.
Features and functions of the game. 
Characters in the game include Prema and the harassers she encounters.Four harasser profiles; the catcaller, the groper, the staring jock and the creepy uncle have been given life within this game. 
Character Design
The intention behind the branding for Pretty As A Punch was to show the contrast in perception with the use of emotional typography. The logo is a play on the fusion of the masculine and feminine traits witnessed in the game.
Pretty As A Punch logo.
As means of promoting the game, it was agreed that Television, online commercials and a Print and branding campaign would be sufficient in publicizing and informing rural and urban school children equally.

Both campaigns follow a ‘Wild West’ theme, where there is emulation of a showdown and prominence is given to Prema’s role that rises to the challenge of overcoming harassers who cross her path. 
Video Ad for TV and online commercials
Pretty as a Punch advert
The poster series acts as a ‘teaser’ campaign, where you do not see the protagonist at all. Instead, the posters highlight the ob jects Prema uses to defend herself in the game, in use against the harassers. The copy used is also meant to accentuate the situation in a humorous way.     
Poster Series
Pretty as a Punch

Pretty as a Punch

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