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Sky cloud storage platform
Multi-platform iterative usability testing embedded in agile sprints​​​​​​​
Project background
Sky, a major British satellite, broadband and telephone services company was designing in Summer 2014 a new cross-platform service for its customers to store and manage their files in the cloud.
To this end, they engaged with New Experience to get customers’ feedback on positive and negative perceptions and attitudes towards the service. I led the research conducting usability testing sessions and reporting insights and recommendations to Sky's product team.

What I did
Every week, usability sessions took place with 4 participants to test the series of designs and user journeys part of the current sprint. User insights were delivered in weekly reports highlighting major issues, quick wins from previous iterations and future actions for the upcoming week.
Research objectives
– Identify customers’ wider experiences with personal cloud storage services: user behaviours, needs and - expectations regarding cloud storage
– Gather feedback on whether Sky customers would be willing to use Sky’s own cloud storage service
– Gather feedback on whether customers would trust Sky to look after their data
– Evaluate if the prototype is simple and easy to use on the iPhone
– Identify any overarching usability issues with the iPhone prototype’s navigation, taxonomy and labelling
– Evaluate users’ perceptions of Sky Cloud multi-platform experience: Gather feedback on customers’ appreciation of the synchronised experience between iPhone and desktop apps
– Evaluate users’ perceptions of the TV display functionality on the iPhone app
– Gather feedback on any additional features or functionality which customers feel might be missing from the service 

Sky cloud storage platform


Sky cloud storage platform

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