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    Thinking inside and outside the box!
Thinking inside and outside the box!
Herth+Buss know all about boxes. So when they asked us to create a unique event stand to capture the imagination of their guests we decided to transport people into their world by… you guessed it... thinking both inside and outside the box.

On the exterior, all you see is a Herth+Buss container, a giant cube. To many this is all they get to see of the company. But there’s a lot more going on that’s hidden behind the scenes. We took this idea and ran with it.

From a single viewpoint you’re able to peek inside the giant construct of the box exterior, to see a hidden, fully immersive video presentation of their services. 

To bring this room-in-a-room to life we used 4 projectors to take visitors on a thrilling journey through each topic and service. Each one linked by a common automotive theme.

Viewers whizzed through tunnels one minute, mazed down roads the next and floated through bustling workshops, busy moving shipping containers.

Three months of hard work went into the building and installation of the construct, conceptualisation of the themes, video production and programming of the 4 projectors. 

Using Cinema 4D and Octane Renderer for the content production and VVVV to program the projection setup and control of video and sound improved our workflow and payed off in terms of efficiency and quality despite the short production time.

We’re delighted to see so many event attendees enjoyed the result!
Executiv Producer:
Christian Remiger, Florian Burchett
Christian Remiger
Design / Animation:
Leo Dziallas, Oliver Tomann
Florian Burchett