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Barclaycard self-servicing tool
Weekly moderated user testing and remote, quantitative design research for agile team
Conducting testing through the sprint cycles ensures we're designing with user needs in mind.
Project background 
Barclaycard engaged with Adaptive Lab to redesign their customer self-servicing tool aiming to support a modern, intuitive, and seamless experience of use. 

What I did
I was part of the research team lead by Barbara Chicca, planning user research activities, writing discussions guidelines, launching design surveys, conducting usability testing and user interviews, analysing the data and communicating weekly insights with design recommendations to the product team. ​​​​​​​
Research objectives
– To understand customers' experiences with managing business credit cards
– To gather contextual information on user behaviors, needs and expectations regarding online servicing tools
– To identify different types of users, and what they are looking for in a tool such as this
– To gauge feedback on the prototype, how it is perceived by users, what they might use it for, how they might use it, and why (or why not)
– Whether the different interactions in the prototype fit their mental model
– To evaluate if the prototype is intuitive and easy to use: Can users find key account information and perform relevant business credit card tasks without friction?
– To identify any overarching usability issues with the prototype's navigation, taxonomy and labelling, in order to improve the current user experience
– To gather feedback on any additional features or functionality which customers feel might be missing from their current experience, especially in relation to similar services they use or have used in the past
– To identify short-comings and opportunities for application development and improvement
Quantitative, remote testing on designs with participants from the three user types  
Approach and methodology
– Conducting testing through the sprint cycles ensured we're designing with user needs in mind. User feedback was reviewed and considered in planning for the following sprint. 

– Weekly one-to-one lab testing scheduled for twice every sprint with 5 small and medium business financial directors and administrators: During one-hour sessions, we interviewed users to find out more about their current experience, needs, and expectations regarding customer servicing online tools. This approach helped us validating our understanding of profile before performing a recorded test using the latest iteration of the prototype.

– Remote, unmoderate user testing with administrators and cardholders from small, medium and large businesses: to support and validate the findings from the qualitative research

Barclaycard self-servicing tool


Barclaycard self-servicing tool

Financial services: Iterative user testing for agile development


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