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    Research on fonction, technique, decoration, aesthetics, etc...Or simply experiments for its own sake.
Bindings with elastic hinges
in search for the perfect opening

A regular textblock. A case made of three rigid elements, joined by elastics. When opened, the spine piece freely moves away from boards, allowing the endpaper folds to get closer to each other, thus allowing the book to fully open.
Drawback of elastics is that they're not durable. So why not create a structure where they can be replaced , in the same way a belt in an engine is designed to be replaced after some time. The next model has tiny elastic bands tied around brass rods which can be pulled out for "maintenance". The images demonstrate the full opening of the binding.
Blizzard books

The blizzard book is a structure devised by the american book artist Hedi Kyle. It's a multi-pocket structure made of one piece of paper, folded, very much like an origami.
These next images show the different steps in the folding of a very narrow one, designed to host double pages, thus forming a kind of album. The marvellous world of folding
and a rather large one, for CDs...
and their use in photograph albums

The pages and the cover of this album are made out of the same black cartridge paper. The cover is made in (almost) a single piece of paper. Sections sewn into the valleys.
Sections sewn onto the mountains
Not strictly a concertina...follow the white line !
I call this one "onion album" because the construction starts in the center and layers are being gradually added around that, in an "organic" way.
Also based on a concertina, this structure that I devised holds postcards or other paper documents by pinching one of their edges into its pockets !
See my tutorial in "Festschrift for Hedi Kyle" published in 2009 : http://rutherfordwitthus.com/festschrift/orders