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    shoot with amazing actress Dawn Olivieri photography by Caesar Lima imaging by Felipe Silva
Dawn Olivieri  |  House of Lies
Dawn Olivieri (born on 8 February 1981) is an actress who has appeared in a number of television shows and feature films. She most recently has been cast as "Monica Talbot" in the new series House of Lies. Wrapping up the 4th season on Heroes as the Tattooed Temptress "Lydia", she has also completed parts on TBS's My Boys, NBC's Knight Rider, TNT's Trust Me, and SyFy's Stargate: Atlantis, and recurred on CBS's How I Met Your Mother. Dawn is a lead in the SyFy movie HYDRA, and she is the voice of Pepper Potts in the new Avengers animated series scheduled to air this fall (2010) on Disney XD. she also appeared in Maxim issue of October 2009. Olivieri appeared on HBO's Entourage on September 13, 2009, and hosted a contest on Scripped. She most recently voiced in the video game, inFamous 2 as Lucy Kuo.
A master at depicting unique and captivating subject matter, Caesar’s inspiration is derived from a singular drive to push the limits and evoke emotion through innovative photography and design.

With a Bachelors of Arts in Advertising, Caesar has always had an eye for the creative.  With a passion and drive to depict unusual, even surreal images, his photography always causes emotion.   
As a self proclaimed “non-purist”, his photography calls to mind imagery that is just outside of the box. 

Caesar has received multiple accolades and awards including the 2011 Archive 200 Best Ad Photographer, 2010 IPA Awards, 2010 PX3 in Paris, 2009 IPA Award and 2009 Addy Award to name a few in recent years.