A record you can call it, 51 hours of wall painting from Madraster, Chennai's only non profit open group to evangelizing getting people who love and admire "art/ design" together well to know more about the group you can check in here madrasters.com. Fresco, a mural, frieze or a wall art which ever may be the convenient way to call it, has been dedicated towards World Graphic Design Day 27 April 2014. Active contributors of Madrasters who crafted this include Artist Six, Arun, Jeevan, Sathya G, Yesvanth, Thulsi, Jack Anto, Seshathri Devan and Sathya vani, . There was rigorous hard work and sleepless nights involved behind this amazing piece of art and the young creators took it ease as hats off their passion of persuasion. Wall art always requires planning more than execution, concept more than art itself, so pre-discussion was much essential, we would like to thank Report Bee for proving us office space on all the meetings. As your are mesmerized by the video by now this video was edited and rendered by http://jdsstudio.in And heartily thanks to sulekha.com for facilitating the place. As we we can proudly call this our first accomplishment and a first step to many which are coming in near future
Wall Art - On World Graphic Design Day!